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Project Engage USA Takes Flight: Expanding Education Across the US and Beyond

Project Engage NJ, a student-led organization known for its impactful free online classes, is undergoing an exciting transformation! Under the leadership of President David Chen, the initiative is spreading its wings and becoming Project Engage USA.  This expansion marks a significant step towards their mission of bridging the educational gap and empowering young learners on a national, and even global, scale.

Previously focused on supporting students in underserved New Jersey communities, Project Engage USA will now extend its reach to offer free online classes to ESL students and residents of other underprivileged areas across the United States. This broadened scope ensures that students facing language barriers or limited educational resources have access to the enriching subjects Project Engage offers.  From programming and science to current events and architecture, these classes will equip students with valuable knowledge and skills, fostering a love for lifelong learning.

Project Engage USA, drawing from its successful experiences teaching in places like Egypt, Japan, and India, has set its sights on the global stage.  The organization plans to offer its online classes to students around the world, creating a truly international network of learning. Imagine students in a remote village in Africa taking a coding class alongside their peers in a bustling city in South America – Project Engage USA aims to make such cross-cultural educational experiences a reality.

 Project Engage USA recognizes the power of education to transform lives, and they are determined to break down geographical and socioeconomic barriers to give every student the opportunity to thrive. By offering free, accessible online classes on a global scale, Project Engage USA has the potential to empower countless young minds and build a brighter future for generations to come.

Stay tuned for updates on Project Engage USA's journey, and see how you can get involved in this inspiring initiative!

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