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Project Engage reward volunteers with many other opportunities to celebrate and acknowledge their dedication and hardwork.



What are Instructor Awards?

Instructor of the Month/Year is an award that goes out to the most dedicated Project Engage NJ instructor. To apply for this award, instructors must fill out a google form and fill out the questions. We will have a certain criteria which determines whether or not an instructor qualifies for the award or not. Once the instructor wins the award they will receive a prize which can be a gift card (gift card will be bought using funds).


Instructor of the Month


  • 10+ volunteer hours for Project Engage NJ

  • Generous amounts of positive feedback from students

  • Great attitude and dedication to PENJ

  • Goes above and beyond to teach classes and ensure that students are learning with enthusiasm.


Instructor of the Year


For this award we can send voting forms to parents, so that they advocate  for who should receive the award. Additionally, for some of the award-candidates we can tune into their classes to see how the instructor teaches and handles their class.

  • 35+ volunteer hours for Project Engage NJ.

  • Generous amounts of positive feedback from students.

  • Great attitude and dedication to PENJ.

  • Goes above and beyond to teach classes and ensure that students learn.

  • Actively engaged in supporting the Project Engage NJ community.

  • Pattern of teaching continuous classes throughout the year.

  • Recommendation from parents.

  • Recommendation from leaders.

  • Ample time spent advertising and supporting the PNEJ cause.

  • Commitment, integrity, and spirit.

What is the

The PVSA is a program that acknowledges individuals for their exceptional volunteer service. It serves as a platform to showcase the impact volunteers have on our communities. It's a great opportunity to be recognized for making a difference.


Presidential Service Volunteer

Steps to Apply

Visit the website for the PVSA

Make sure requirements are met

Fill out the Form

Read through and explore the website and purpose of the award. Be confident about your decision to apply. 

Requirements and application to this award are not taken lightly. Project Engage does allow volunteer hours from other organizations for this award but only with proper verification. 

Complete the google form, attaching the needed files to confirm hours. Please give the board a few weeks to respond with updates with your application. 

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