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No available programs
  • How do I sign up?
    To sign up, go to the classes page and click on the class you would like to sign up for. Make sure the class is in session and then click the sign up button which will navigate you to a google sign up form. After filling out the form, you will be signed up for the class. Make sure to keep up with class information and updates through gmail and google calendar.
  • When will classes be held?
    The dates and times of the classes can be seen on classes page for each class that is in session.
  • How do classes meet?
    As of now, classes are virtual and through google meet. All the information about classes will be provided once the parent has signed up.
  • I missed the sign up deadline, can I still sign up?
    Yes! Just follow the sign up instructions and you will be notified about the class information in a few days through gmail.
  • Will student be assigned homework?
    Each class is designed by the instructors who might choose to give homework for their classes. Please reach out to the instructor through email about your concerns or requests.
  • Who can learn at Project Engage?
    Children in 3rd grade to middle schoolers in 8th grade can participate in classes at Project Engage. High schoolers can sign up to instruct classes. Generally, classes are designed for early middle schoolers but class curriculum and information depends on the topic and on the instructor that is teaching. Make sure to check the age range before signing up for classes. Students are encouraged to sign up for classes that interest them, no matter their grade level. There are exceptions to the age ranges. You can always reach out with any questions to either the instructor of the course or at the Contact Us page.
  • Who can teach at Project Engage?
  • I filled out the instructor form, what’s next?
    You will be contacted by Project Engage through your provided email. If you have signed up while a session is ongoing, please wait until the session has ended. Contact us if you have any questions.
  • How do the classes run?
    Classes can be scheduled for 1 hour weekly for a session, usually 2 months, or a 2-4 day workshop through google meet. Instructors will create curriculum and activities to teach children about their chosen topic. This can be done by creating a google classroom or a slideshow for each week. However there are exceptions and instructors are encouraged to explore different techniques to teach.
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