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About Project Engage NJ

Our Mission.

Project Engage NJ 501(c)is a student-led non-profit organization committed to advancing educational equity by providing exceptional and free educational opportunities to students throughout New Jersey. Driven by our unwavering dedication to leveling the academic playing field, we empower young learners, regardless of their financial circumstances, with access to high-quality classes and resources. Proud recipients of the esteemed Hershey Heartwarming Award grant, we have been recognized for our transformative initiatives. Our achievements have garnered media attention, with features in reputable publications such as The Lawrencian, The Sun Newspapers,  The Pirate's Eye and The Witherspoon Town Topics Newspaper. Through our passionate pursuit of knowledge and unwavering support, we aim to catalyze positive and lasting change, enriching the lives of students in our community and beyond. Together, we forge a path towards a brighter, more inclusive educational future.

Our Team.

The Project Engage NJ Team is a dynamic group of highly motivated high school volunteers, deeply committed to the mission of fostering equal educational opportunities for all. Their unwavering dedication to service and leadership is reflected in their dedicated efforts to teach a diverse array of classes, inspiring students throughout New Jersey to excel and achieve their full potential. Their unwavering dedication empowers the community with exceptional education and leadership.

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