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President David Chen: Empowering Students & NJ

Project Engage NJ, a student-led organization dedicated to educational equity, is making waves in New Jersey communities. At the helm is David Chen, the organization's President and CEO, whose leadership and vision have fueled the initiative's remarkable growth.

Project Engage NJ operates under a 501(c)(3) designation, meaning it's a charitable organization with a focus on social good. Under David's leadership, the organization has provided free online classes to over 5,000 students in underserved communities across New Jersey. These classes offer a diverse range of subjects, from programming and architecture to scientific studies and current events. This variety ensures students have access to enriching educational experiences that might not be readily available in their schools.

But David's impact goes beyond expanding course offerings. He has spearheaded the initiative to transition to year-round classes, ensuring a consistent stream of learning opportunities for students. This commitment to continuous education is a testament to Project Engage NJ's dedication to empowering young minds.

Perhaps most inspiring is the organization's focus on fostering leadership skills in young people.  David's vision has created over 400 volunteer opportunities for high school students. By giving back to their communities through teaching and mentorship, these volunteers gain valuable leadership experience while making a positive impact on the lives of younger learners.

Project Engage NJ's success story is a direct result of David Chen's dedication and leadership. By providing free, accessible education and fostering a spirit of service, he is building a brighter future for students and communities across New Jersey.

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