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Basic Physics


This Basic Physics class is a beginner class that will go over the heart of physics and its core topics. We will cover the four following topics: Movement and Force, Forces from a Distance, Energy, and Waves. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to request additional topics (within skill level and reason) to go over at the end of the session. Physics, though following a harsh stigma, allows us to view the world around us in such enlightening viewpoints, and the study of it helps us not only understand the world, but helps us create new innovations from it. Even if students have zero knowledge of physics, this class will help students learn in an engaging and fun environment through games and easy at-home activities.



Grades: 4-8
Dates: 3/14- 4/25
Time(s): Thursday 7:45-8:45PM

Instructor: ​Purba Karmaker

Materials: Computer, pen, paper

Hi! My name is Purba and I teach the Basic Physics class. Physics is everywhere, and I want to share the basics with others willing to learn. I think understanding how life itself works in terms of physics can be illuminating in many ways.

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