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Video Editing and Photoshop



Students will learn how to use 5 important aspects of video editing and learn how to use basic tools to photoshop: Video Sequence Settings, Video Exporting, Video Transitions, and Video Effects. They are also easy to pick up so anyone can learn these techniques. On the other hand, I will also teach students how to photoshop. Through the photoshopping portion of my class, students will learn how to use basic tools and effects that can be implemented into pictures.

The Video editing and Photoshop skills will be connected in a class project, where students create a video whether it be a montage or a blog. Finally, they will create a thumbnail for the video using the photoshop tools and effects. This fun project will be later uploaded in a gallery on Youtube so that students can look at each other’s creations.



Grades: 3-8
Dates: 8/28-10/9/23
Time(s): Saturdays 12:30-2:00PM

Instructor: Sriman Dola

My name is Sriman Dola, a freshman in High School South. I watch a lot of Youtube, and know the ropes of how to edit videos, and knowing how to edit pictures is a big part of good editing. I’m pretty chill, and the person that gets the work done, and works with a team. I like video games, biking, and Harry Potter. I do Taekwondo and I am a black belt. Check out my editing class!

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