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Current Events



Understanding current events and global news is a vital talent necessary to stand out and make informed decisions based on the environment around you. In this Current Events class, students will analyze and review news pieces from an eclectic list of impactful global events, and will engage in discussions and debates regarding those topics. Students will have an opportunity to obtain and improve the important awareness and debate skills to effectively communicate in any conversation or debate. This course will hone in on student's critical thinking, problem solving, and conversational abilities at a high level, throughout a fun and interactive course designed specifically to prepare elementary and middle school aged children for next stages of their life. 



Grades: 3-8th
Dates: 3/9-4/13
Time(s): Saturdays 6-7PM
Instructor: ​Alex Chen

Materials:  ​Computer 

Hi! My name is Alex Chen, and I will be the instructor for the Current Events class. I believe that understanding and analyzing Current Events is a crucial skill, and I am eager to help teach it to students in the form of fun and interactive classes!

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