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Anatomy and Physiology



Hello! I’m excited to announce sessions in human anatomy and physiology, tailored for middle school students from grades 6-8. Our journey through anatomy and physiology will cover a wide array of topics, from skeletal system to circulatory system, and nervous system, among others. Each class begins with an intriguing brain teaser to stimulate critical thinking, followed by a visually rich slideshow presentation that breaks down complex concepts into digestible information. To ensure learning is interactive and enjoyable, we’ll engage in lively student activities, such as educational games similar to Kahoot, which reinforce the material in a playful manner. We’ll conclude each session with a Q&A period, allowing students to clarify any doubts and solidify their understanding. Finally, homework will also be given and it will help ensure the student understands all the material. Thank you for considering this opportunity to enrich your child’s knowledge of the human body. I look forward to guiding them through the amazing world of human anatomy and physiology!


Grades: 6-8th

Dates: 3/10-4/21

Time(s): Sundays, 11:15-12:15PM

Instructor: Manas P.

Materials: Computer, Paper, Pencils


This is a weekly course so you can attend any dates.

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