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Algebra 1



In my Algebra 1 class my students will learn the core foundations of Algebra, through the course alignment with Khan Academy's units, I will teach my students one small unit of Algebra 1 that is aligned with the units presented on Khan Academy. Then, I will give them homework by assigning certain exercises to be completed on Khan Academy for the next class. I will confirm their completion of the homework by requesting screenshots of the completed assignment and score. Such topics I will be teaching in this class include but are not limited to, solving equations/inequalities, working with units, linear equations with graphs, systems of equations, functions, exponents/radicals, basic quadratics, and irrational numbers. With this style of teaching, the students will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions at their own free will if they have any questions. They will then fortify their understanding’s by completing the homework assignments assigned. This style of teaching will teach the students to be more accountable for their course load, and help them stay organized whilst understanding the topics at hand.



Grades: 3-8
Dates: 10/22-11/12/23
Time(s): Sunday, 3:30-4:30PM

Instructor: Vrishank Nalla

Materials: Pencil, Eraser, Paper, Calculator

Hi! I’m Vrishank Nalla, a current sophomore at WW-P High School South. I am very passionate and eager to teach you all about the foundational basics to jumpstart your math journey to more advanced courses.

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