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Public Speaking



Students embark on a journey to master the art of public speaking, guided by dynamic and engaging lessons. They delve into the power of voice modulation, learning to adapt to various environments with confidence and clarity. Through exploring emotion and inflection, students discover how to captivate audiences by emphasizing key words and phrases, infusing their speeches with authenticity and impact. They explore the nuances of body language, using hand gestures and eye contact to convey sincerity and connect with their listeners. With each lesson, students are empowered to express themselves effectively, inspire change, and leave a lasting impression on the world.



Grades: 3-8th
Dates: 7/15-8/25
Time(s): Saturdays 10-11 AM
Instructor: ​Yash Tripathi and Swara Sanghvi

Materials:  ​Computer 

We believe teaching the above topic would be very beneficial for all students who come to the program, because public speaking is that is necessary for everyone, no matter the field they go into.

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