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Anatomy and Physiology




Anatomy and Physiology embark on a captivating exploration of the human body – a marvel of intricate structures working in harmonious concert. This course delves into the fascinating world of how the body is built (anatomy) and how it functions (physiology), providing a comprehensive understanding of the systems that sustain life. Through a combination of engaging lectures, detailed dissections (optional, depending on the course format), and interactive laboratory activities, students will gain a profound appreciation for:

  • The Blueprint of Life: Exploring the hierarchical organization of the human body, from cells and tissues to organs, systems, and the entire organism.

  • The Locomotor System: Understanding the skeletal system's framework and the muscular system's intricate network, enabling movement and support.

  • The Control Center: Demystifying the nervous system, the body's communication network, and how it coordinates all functions.

  • The Lifeblood: Investigating the cardiovascular system, responsible for transporting blood and vital nutrients throughout the body.

  • The Breath of Life: Learning how the respiratory system facilitates gas exchange, essential for cellular respiration and survival.


Grades: 3-8th
Dates: 7/10-8/21
Time(s): Wednesday 4-5PM
Instructor: Harshitha Venkatesan

Materials:  ​Computer 

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